About us

Fendersys Marine Fender System Inc. (Liaoning Qingyuan No.1 Buffer Manufacture Co., Ltd) was founded in the year 1986. We are located in the scenically beautiful Fushun City, situated on the Hun River. We are close to the Dalian port, in the North Eastern region of China, facing the Yellow Sea. Dalian is the largest, northern most ice free, multipurpose port of North-East China, offering connectivity to North and East Asia, and is a corridor to the Pacific. In working with us, you will, among other things, benefit from the access to the port and the efficient export ecosystem of the province.

Fendersys is an international body today; we operate in North America, South Asia, and Europe. We have a registered capital of 32,000,000 RMB. We currently run a state of the art manufacturing unit covering over 260,000 sq.feet with built up area exceeding 100,000 sq.feet. We now operate more than 120 units of professional production equipment, processing machines, and laboratory testing equipment.

We employ 109 diligent, hardworking, and quality conscious employees who aim at offering personalized interactions to all our customers. To ensure the best practices in both production, and customer interactions, we have onboard a team of experienced professional and technical personnel. We also have in our team, highly qualified and experienced engineers and scientists.

       Why us? We offer you a wide range of industrial buffers and rubber fenders.  

        How we ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

Our process has continually been developed since the 1980s. Over the years of working with diverse customers, and through production experience, we offer world class buffers and rubber fenders. As a testimony to our quality, our business has expanded. Now our product finds use with customers in sectors ranging across crane transportation, metallurgy, elevators, power supply, harbors, high-speed train, etc.

Our company uses our accrued and 3 decades long experience in buffer design and manufacturing. We continue to develop our products for ensuring customer satisfaction by means of thorough scientific research and development. Today our company has already designed and manufactured 8 series of buffer products containing 800 models for different working conditions, including LQH-HT spring buffers, the LQH-HY hydraulic buffers, the LQH-HD liquid-gas (pneumatic) buffers, the combined buffers, cushions (used for prevention of vibration), etc.  We continue to be open to development of new models, based on the needs of our customers.

   Following many years of research on rubber fenders in the 1990’s, our production of Fenders started in the year 2008. Our company has designed and manufactured thus far, 6 series of rubber fender products containing 600 models of all the sizes of rubber fenders. We do quality assurance for our rubber fenders using test rigs, for which we have 30 machines including 2 presses. Our products satisfy the requirements currently in place internationally.

Our prominent customers in China include the Shanghai port, Dalian port, The Three Gorges dam project, Tianjin Port, etc. Our rubber fenders are also used by reputed and well established firms like China Communications Construction Company Ltd. Our customers trust us, because among other quality assurance measures we employ; we also are in complete compliance with respect to the Integral Quality System that satisfies ISO9001:2000 standards.

We have consistently delivered, and we look forward to serving your Fender needs.



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